Nutrition Is Important

How much you eat is just as important as what you eat.  There is such thing called being a over eater, hope your not one of those.

Its best to use a small bowl to control your portions and eating less this will help you lose weight and eat healthy.

Its a good Idea to keep track of your servings or your calories to see how much you are really eating, smaller bowls, smaller portions, and eating slowly helps you with your diet and help you enjoy your meals.
Eat more vegetables and eat more fruit. Just what the doctor ordered. Its also great for your heart, you belly and your life.  Eating more of this will also help you eat less of the things bad for you things with lots of fats like meats, cheese, ice cream  and other things rich in fat.
Also what I like to do in the morning is start with some juice maybe carrot juice with some blueberries and maybe a cucumber or two. Its tasty and good for you. Its good to have this with a bowl of oat cereal. So doing all these things will really help you with your health and you wont end up with a couple of stents in your chest like me.  I also say that I also do some natural things like Hawthorne, L-arginine, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Magnesium. All heart healthy that have helped me a great deal with my heart.
So I hope all you have a happy healthy heart and life and keep eating good food and stay healthy.  Thanks


Healthy Heart Healthy Diet Healthy Life

I would like to talk about juice, not the juice you buy at the store, that’s filled sugar and preservatives. Im talking about juice that you make yourself. There is a lot of health advantages for juicing. Even Jack Lalaine recommended juice and lived to a ripe old age. I can tell you that with the health problems I have had has helped me with my health. I had a heart attack and juice and vitamins helped me get stronger and healthier. Their is a lot of things you can do with juice you can freeze the juice in your ice tray and it would be great for kids to have healthy snack in the middle of the day. I would recommend that you limit your juice to 1 glass a day because of the sugar content. Dont let that hold you back you dont have to use just berries you can use vegetables. You can try cucumbers, tomatoes, and other things.

There is many recipes online that you can use and they are very simple to make. I really like the juicer that are just for 1 person. You have personally things that you like and the kids might have personal things that they like so just make what everyone likes. Right!!! Here is a little link that will help with your diet

This is a relaunch of a exclusive 3 week diet that has helped a lot of people. I think that you should try it it has helped a lot of people get healthier, and loose weight. The number of Americans overweight is really absurd. Almost everyone in the States needs some kind of weight loss. So please lets everyone get a whole bunch healthier. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you all have long happy lives. God Bless.